Summer, as beloved and beautiful as this season is, it is also the most hazardous season to your eyes.  With the sun beaming down at full force, those rays have the potential of damaging your eyes in the long run, so it is gravely important to know how to best take care of them.


This is the number one place to start, but sadly not all sunglasses are built for your best protection.  The ones you’re looking for are those with full 100% UV protection, and if it does not state it, always double check with the provider.  And if you want to it step up from that, go to polarized lens, they protect from both UV and glare.  Another odd tidbit is to bring them with you on an overcast day,  and yes, those rays peaking through the clouds can still have a damaging effect.

Wear a hat:

There is only so much sun light your sunglasses can block.  The top and the side gaps leave your eyes to the whim of the sun’s rays; so to fully cover your bases, it’s best to wear a rimmed hat to fully optimize your protection. 

Less hand to eye contact:

Eye irritants are in abundance during summer, but surprisingly a majority come from your hands.  As creatures of habit, it can be hard to avoid touching your eyes, so if it can’t be avoided, regular hand washing is required.  With continual practice, forming this habit will be a good step in the right direction towards healthy eyes. 

Eat healthily, drink water, get your Z’s:

The simplest of habits can help in the long run more than you think.  The daily dose of water, regular healthy eating, as well as getting adequate sleep every day work together to make sure your body is in working order for days to come. 

It’s crucial that everyone, young and old know the importance of eye protection during the summer.  With these tips in mind, go forward safely and enjoy that summer sun!