For the many glasses wearers out there, the glasses life can be great and not so great.  Sure they are made for us to see (glasses wearer right here), but when it is with anything else in our lives, they just do not work. This is especially so when not all glasses are made to perfectly fit one’s face as there is only so much that you can do when you can not go to get your glasses tweaked by your nearest optician.  So when you’re in a pinch needing help with your glasses, here are a few hacks and tips for your frames.

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Fogging Up

Nearly any change in temperature can cause lenses to fog up.  This can be helped by using a soap bar and rubbing it on the lens then clean off with a microfiber cloth.  No need for water here, you need that layer of soap to prevent any fogging from happening. 

Misplaced Glasses

If you are having troubling finding them and you are nearsighted, try using the camera on your phone.  Using the camera will focus everything that you cannot see far away.

Night time doesn’t make it easy for anyone to see and it will be harder to find missing frames too.  In this case, putting a glow in the dark adhesive strip on your glasses case will be extremely helpful and if you do not have one, glow in the dark paint works just as well.

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Uneven Fit

Are glasses feeling uneven?  Try opening them and putting them on a flat surface to see if either of the arms are off.  With this, you’ll be able to even out your nose pads as well. 

Readjusting the arms

Readjusting the arms of plastic frames can be tricky than pliable metal ones, but when you’re at home the best fix for this is to use hot water. Run hot water over the arms for about one minute, then test to see how flexible they are and bend them accordingly.  If you feel them firming up too quickly, you can always put them under the hot water again.  It’s best to use this method for the arms only as trying anywhere else near the bridge would mean putting your lenses under the hot water, which is not safe for the lenses.



The biggest hack comes to preventing your glasses from slipping down your face.  Wrapping hair ties at around the frame’s arms to add more grip to your ears.  An additional way to prevent your glasses from sliding is applying beeswax to the nose grip.  Using beeswax acts as the hold to your face to prevent slippage.  You can also find chapstick where beeswax is the major ingredient, but when in doubt, try Nerdwax (  Eyeshadow primer also works as a good substitute to beeswax, as any good makeup user knows this will make sure your glasses do not budge like they do for eye makeup. 

Cleaning the lens

Cleaning your lenses without a proper lenses cleaner is always a hassle, good thing there is an easy way to make some from home.  Adding a few drops of simple dish soap to equal parts water cleans your as well as any lenses cleaner.  Another alternative is lukewarm water if you are short on dish soap, just make sure it is never hot water.  Using hot water and other chemicals like alcohol or vinegar will decrease the lenses longevity and any protective coatings on them. An important tip is to use microfiber cloths and not any clothing as there are harsh materials in them and could possibly contain dust that can scratch the lens.  But after using the microfiber cloths make sure they are clean. 

We hope these hacks help you out because when you’re a glasses wearer, life can be tough, but knowing that you’re in it with others makes that glasses life a whole lot better.