Hello, dear readers and welcome to the grand opening our More Eyecare website! YAY!! 

We’re so happy to launch More Eyecare into the internet world, as it is a big step in the right direction in helping you find all your eye care needs with us!  So please, take a little bit of time and get to know us through our website. http://moreeyecare.com/about/

As you browse around, you’ll be able to see all the in depth services we provide to give you exactly what you need, whether that be glasses, sunglasses or contacts too. What ever it may be, we aim to cover all your questions about eye care.  http://moreeyecare.com/services/

With that in mind, you’ll be able to check out our collection the latest and hottest styles for both glasses frames and sunglasses that we have to offer. http://moreeyecare.com/collection/

And just remember that any piece in our collection will be available in either one of our two locations, in Glen Rock or in Ridgefield, NJ.  Both locations are listed on our contacts page and both are welcome to take any of your calls or emails if you need an answer anything that you may want to ask. http://moreeyecare.com/contact/

You can also keep up to date with important eye care news in our blog posts; for instance, we’ll have helpful tips to keep your eyes healthy and also show off the most stylish frame picks of the season. http://moreeyecare.com/blog/

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From all of us at More Eyecare, we look forward to our future with you and all the great things to come.  With More Eyecare leading the way, we can’t wait to help make sure that you will always be looking forward to your future as well.