Summer’s finally here and with it comes to an all new trend of sunglasses for the season.  Now don’t get yourself in a panic when you look out into the sea of sunglasses if you’re looking for something new, luckily you’ve got us to help you navigate through the sunglasses waves with the four hottest looks of the season. 


Oh, vintage look, you’re back again and it seems like you won’t be leaving anytime time soon.  Rounded frames can help achieve a different look depending on the size and make of your frames; if you’re feeling a bit 70’s go with thin metal frames or if you want to go the 90’s route, stick with smaller ones. 

Oversized Aviators/Cat Eyes:

If you’re considering adding a touch of edge to your look, this is always a great style choice.  Oversized aviators and oversized cat frames are two of the newest rages to make you stand out from the crowd.

Colored/Mirrored Lenses:

These are practically every where now and it’s no wonder why.  With a variety of shape frames, lens colors/tints and having an option of being mirrored or not, bolsters the endless possibilities are out there. 


Another retro style coming into the limelight is the browlines; with a large field of variation, you could go the classic with the club master or the modern version with a thicker brow line.  Great for both men and women, this is a route to take if you want to tap into some professionalism for your look. 

There you have it, now it’s time to get out there and find your pair!  This season will only last for so long, so go enjoy the summer sun while it lasts, just don’t forget your best accessory lead the way for an enjoyable season.