The cold winter months can be quite damaging to your eyes if the necessary precautions are not taken.  The way to start taking care of your eyes are by following these three short tips. 

Keep Your Eyes Hydrated:

Your eyes and your body are constantly being exposed to winter elements, which makes for dry skin and especially dry eyes.  Dry eyes can be irritating, the best way to prevent it is with these hydrating tips:

  • Drink plenty of water: Hydrating your body means hydrating your eyes. 
  • Use eye drops: This is especially helpful if you wear contacts as the colder weather and the heat to combat it, tends to dry up contacts and eyes.  Using eye drops adds any additional moisture where needed.
  • Use a humidifier when indoors: Upping in the heat at home can have it benefits, but the cons are causing eye dryness when there is an excess amount of heat.  The significantly less moisture in the air can be replaced with the use of a humidifier. 

Wear Proper Eye Protection: 

It might be hard to believe but during the winter months, the sun is far stronger than it is in the summer.  So it is important to arm yourself with the best eye protection. 

  • Sunglasses with UV protection: Even during these months, it is still important to wear sunglasses with the proper UV protection.  And on days where it has snowed, wearing sunglasses prevent snow blindness, which is the glare which appears when the sun’s rays bounce off the snow. 
  • Use googles, if needed:  Depending on where you are, snowfall could be a norm.  And if you partake in any snow activities, it would be best to always sport a pair of googles to protect your eyes.

Get Proper Sleep And Give Your Eyes A Break:

Just like your body, your eyes need to recharge everyday.  Sleep and rest are surprisingly the best remedy after a long day.    

  • Sleep: The darker days can put a damper on your mood and sleep cycle.  Having a good routine sleep schedule will ensure your mood and eyes will be kept healthy. 
  • Give your eyes a break:  If you work often with technology, know that its important to take breaks often as the blue lights emitting off most technology can cause to eye strain.    
  • Keep outdoor activities limited:  Winter activities can be fun for many, snow or no snow.  But remember that the elements can irritate your eyes especially when you do not go out with the proper eye protection.  Besides there is no harm staying inside on a cold day.

The elements are more than all around during the coldest season, though it may be brief.  But its always a reminder that protecting your eyes is a year round deal.