It’s hard to believe that the holidays are a few weeks away.  And we all know that gift giving can be overwhelming if you’re not unsure of what to give.  So just for you, we created a list of gift ideas for the eyewear lover in your life.


An e-reader would come in handy to an eyeglasses wearer and book lover.  Depending on the condition of the eyes and age of the wearer, using an e-reader greatly helps those who have a hard time reading the small print.  With the e-reader, they will be able to choose how big the font can be making reading easier on them.

Eyeglasses Tray:

Know someone that always loses their glasses at home?  A special tray or container meant for them can help in remembering where glasses are when put down.  This, of course, would require your glasses wearer to always place their eyewear on this tray, but with practice, it will help in the long run in keeping their eyewear in one place.

Fixing Kit:

An emergency kit for your glasses is an excellent choice for anyone who cares about their eyewear.  Glasses can come under duress with continual use, so in an untimely situation screws can come undone or even lost, but with a repair kit close by there will be no need to panic or a need to rush to the optician.  

Protective Case:

A protective case is always a plus in keeping glasses or sunglasses safe and sound.  If you want to up your gift-giving game, give one that is both appealing and strong.  Cases that are made of a softer material are also a possibility, but will not protect frames as well as a sturdier one.

Glasses Cords/Chain:

You might think chains are a thing of the past, but there are many out there that find glasses chains useful.  Its main purpose was to remove the possibility of misplacing them.  If you know someone that loves these chains, you can find one that adds a bit of flair to their style.  Those that keep their eyeglasses on a chain, you can give them a newer one that fits their style.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

Microfiber cloths should be a common staple when cleaning eyewear.  Other fabrics can be too harsh and scratch the glass or not genuinely clean them.  You can find microfiber cloths in bulk, so you never be short of any for anyone. 

Specialized Lenses:

Frames that are set with specified lenses are an incredible gift for people with certain eye conditions or sensitivities.  For example, there are lenses specifically for driving at night; they are helpful for anyone battling those bright headlights.

Car Clip:

Most cars should have some sort of compartment that holds different items, like that of a pair of sunglasses.  If you know anyone that does not have that in their car, a car clip can come in handy since it acts as a shelf attachment.

Eyewear Themed Items:

And if all else fails, eyeglasses themed items are a great last minute idea.  The theme is quite popular as it has its own chic aesthetic that appeals to many; this can range from jewelry, apparel or home goods.

More Eyewear:

The best gift to give to any eyewear lover is none other than more eyewear!  Another pair of glasses or sunglasses is always a welcome addition, whether they are sunglasses for driving or a fashionable new accessory.  You can even gift contacts if they are serious about having them.

The time for gift giving is upon us all!  And hopefully, this list will help you identify the right gift for your favorite eyewear lover.  Good luck and happy gift hunting!